Transforming your
digital vision into reality

We collaborate with startups to corporations on a wide range of projects, delivering high-quality services. Our project industries encompass digital marketing, e-commerce, edtech, e-learning, fintech, healthcare, and social networking.

Customer Data Platform

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is sophisticated software that brings together data from different sources, creating a centralized customer database. This database captures every interaction and touchpoint with your product or service. The team structure for CDP implementation involves collaboration between the client's engineer, product manager, and Nasha Tech's dedicated system development team of skilled engineers.

Time Card Online System

The Time Card Online System is designed to empower employees to efficiently manage their time and enhance productivity. Simultaneously, it provides managers with tools to monitor and optimize human resources, contributing to the overall productivity of the company. This system has been developed by Nasha Tech.

AI System for Dog Face Recognition

Our team undertook the creation of an advanced AI model capable of identifying dog faces and distinguishing unique nose patterns. By analyzing various aspects of a dog's appearance, our AI system compares and contrasts detected facial and nose patterns to accurately identify individual dogs.

EdTech Application

Our innovative audio book application leverages cutting-edge technology to offer users an immersive and captivating experience. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, our platform provides concise summaries of non-fiction books, making it easy for busy individuals to access key insights and takeaways. The team structure comprises a product manager from the client's side and skilled engineers from Nasha Tech's dedicated system development team.

Closed SNS for Medical Researchers

The closed social networking platform is designed exclusively for medical researchers. It offers a highly secure space for sharing invaluable insights and experiences within the medical community. The team structure consists of engineers and a designer from the client's side, collaborating with Nasha Tech's skilled system development team. Your data's security and seamless collaboration are our top priorities.

Pet Owner Web & Mobile Application

Discover a unique pet owner web and mobile application that offers a range of facilities for you and your furry companions. Our team structure combines the expertise of two client-side engineers with Nasha Tech's dedicated system development team to create an app that enhances the bond between pets and their owners. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey with your pets through our innovative platform.

Online Booking Web Application

Experience the convenience of our online booking SaaS website, designed to provide businesses with a user-friendly solution for managing appointments and reservations. Our platform empowers customers to effortlessly book and modify appointments online, while offering businesses the ability to efficiently manage schedules, track customer details, and optimize their booking process. Developed by Nasha Tech's skilled engineers, our application ensures seamless appointment management for businesses and enhanced ease of use for customers.