Innovative solutions

Better future

Since our establishment in 2018, we have been dedicated to offering software development services for a diverse range of projects to corporations and startups alike. With a dynamic, innovative, and well-established presence, our company strives to bring value to our clients by delivering cutting-edge solutions and services that transcend geographical boundaries, catering to clients across different locations and countries. Our primary objective is to empower our clients with technological excellence and innovation.


Making technology more accessible in order to solve problems and bring a positive impact on society.


Creating value for our customers by delivering high-quality solutions.

The Logo Philosophy

The logo concept is inspired by the letter “N” which is the initial name of our company name and the process of continuous development.

The Nasha Tech logo represents the idea that we aim to maximize the benefits of technology (outputs) and establish a strong engineering culture by identifying and owning advanced technological solutions and exploring unknown possibilities (inputs) and developing products and services (process) that will create value and improve people’s lives.

The blue color in the logo symbolizes data, information, and possibility, while the combination of blue and orange represents the process of developing these possibilities. The orange color represents the value that our products and services bring to customers.

Core Values

Teamwork & Collaboration

We win and celebrate as a team and we lose, fail, learn and move forward as a team too. As a team, we create synergies, inspire each other, fill any gaps, and strive towards a greater goal together.

Continuous Learning & Development

We learn continuously. It's okay to start from behind. So, learning is a part of our DNA and serves as the foundation for creating even greater value and moving forward towards our mission.

Ownership & Professionalism

We have no meaning to exist when we can’t create value. Without our customers and colleagues, we are nothing. Every time we do our work we think with our Head & Heart. It means we know and understand completely what we do.

Growth Mindset & Sustainable change

We can move forward through changes and it's our super power. We're a proactive team and always try to reach beyond borders. We move actively, we resist illogical wrong things.

Nasha Techies

A-Team, A-Master, A-Pupil, A-Grower

Ready to be part of a dynamic, progressive & friendly team driving technology forward? At Nasha Tech, we're on a mission to create cutting-edge solutions that transform businesses. Join us to innovate, collaborate, and create value to make better future. Explore exciting career opportunities.

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